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Minimal fiddling

Sources of light The black and white JPEG images from my PEN-F are sufficiently charming to my eyes, such that I have yet to fully grapple with the intricacies of my new chosen Adobe replacement software (ASDsee and Affinity); but I am sure I will get round to it once I have stopped stressing about whatever is happening in my chest. In the meantime there is something liberating about wandering…

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Pattaya is awash with seamen

For it is the International Fleet Review and vessels from many nations are parked out in the bay, for reasons that remain unclear to me. Some sort of inspection will be carried out apparently (nice boat, love the grey colour, well done), but beyond that I don't see the point. For the crews of said vessels it is an opportunity for them to come ashore and visit the many cultural…

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Bye Bye Adobe

It was a dull, wet afternoon, so I thought I would have another chat with Adobe "support" and this time focus on just cancelling my subscription. There was not the previous long wait, and in no time at all Subrata was on-line trying to stop me from doing what I wanted to do, and getting me to hand over my phone number which I had already done in the call…

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Siam snaps

The last years of my previous life were spent working in Bangkok. The company was a great place to work, with fun people to work with. Sadly it all came to an end when our masters in The Hague decided to sell the company, and all of us were cast to the wind (which in my case meant retirement and for most of my Thai staff it meant employment with…

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Everything is partially unbroken

Tuesday morning dawned fresh and clear; so how better to spend the day than to draw the curtains, fire up the computer and have an extended learning session with my likely Adobe product replacements? I was interrupted by a mail from Rick@Knees, gleefully informing me that Pattaya Days was broken (and he would follow up with similar mails throughout the day, he likes to keep me on my toes). Turns…

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Test two

Having confirmed that the much maligned tracking focus of the PEN-F was capable of capturing windsurfing shots, I was eager (well, not "eager", I am too old to be eager about anything; let's say "moderately interested") in pointing the PEN at another moving object. Purely by chance I found out that there was a round of the Asian Karting Championship at Bira yesterday, so off I went. Loads of karts…

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