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Sawadee Kinnaree

Sawadee, in this context, meaning goodbye.

The Kinnaree club has been operating in the Phratumnak area for a year or so. A house converted into a “gentlemen’s club” (i.e. a brothel), it is rather conspicuous in a residential area, particularly one which is home to a member of the royal family.

So it was no surprise that it was raided yesterday. Twenty six young ladies were arrested and some poor policeman had the job of collecting assorted used condoms to be used as “evidence.” Raymond Rose, an Englishman, was arrested as being the owner of the place (although I know the man who actually owns the building, so presumably Mr. Rose is just playing at rent-a-brothel).

This morning there was a sign outside the building saying it was closed for a week. Presumably this is the length of time it will take for Mr. Rose to arrange donations to the appropriate authorities, and purchase a new supply of condoms for his customers.


The sign directs potential customers to the Stork Club, which is conveniently located close to the Tourist Police Headquarters.

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