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An elevated lady

Canon 1D4 with 300mm lens at 1/250th second, F4.5

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    1. What a sad, mean-spirited remark.

      Personally, I like to watch a polo horse in the same way as I like to look at a Ferrari; I could never afford to own one and probably would not buy one even if I could; but their acceleration, speed, grace and looks are a pleasure to witness.

      As for the rider, she is from Argentina, where polo is a national sport and the best players are held in high regard. She is one of the best female players in world at only 25 and from a brief chat I had with her, a very pleasant young lady. Here’s a shot I took of her with her husband:

      I see no nags.

        1. He’s been doing it for years, camera brands, lens brands, and La Pavoni from post number one…
          Did I have a redundant apostrophe in there? I’m all on edge now…

          1. Hmm – how unlike you to photograph people’s drinks; what next, xmas dinner?
            Did i have a redundent comma in there? I’m all on edge now…

  1. Heineken ???? No taste .. but the brewey tour in Amsterdam is great. Best alcholic drink for ┬┤product placement┬┤ these days is CIDRE by Stella Artois … taking on the Irish and the Scrumpy boys and actually is pretty good !!

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