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Trial run

After an interesting couple of day trying to get my head around the setup options for the OM-D, I decided I should venture out and try out some of them on Beach Road. The usual suspects were out and about; but my shots were more about playing with the camera than trying to get good captures. Still, here are a few, all taken with the Olympus 75mm.

Do not rent jetskis from these boys.

Two pairs

Anyone got a light?

Snack service with a smile

An afternoon stroll

Colourful collections

A peaceful spot

Buoys and bird

Love for sale

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  1. Nice! Looks like you have it working well.

    I make good use of the “My Sets” for common stuff I do. I have one for general shooting, one for HDR, one for shooting with radio strobes, and so forth. The menu system is daunting at first, but it becomes easier over time… quite a bit of time actually, lol. The camera is still worth it, even with that and I hope you’re enjoying it.


    1. Mysets are next, once I am sure how everything works.

      Downside so far is the ridiculous separation between the normal focus boxes and the “zoom function” boxes you get if you touch the screen to set a focus point or press the zoom button. Display options cease to function (e.g. the highlight/shadow indicator) and if you have AF+M selected, moving the lens focus wheel no longer zooms in to a more detailed view. Firmware update needed.

      Otherwise, some really nice features; being able to specify spot exposure linked to the AEL button is so useful, as an example.

      1. Olympus has made those smaller focus boxes a “standard” that can be selected in the E-PL5 without that side effect. Also in the E-PL5 are some new bracketing options that better fit my HDR needs. There are a few tweaks that I sure hope make it into the OM-D. If the E-PL5 had the E-M5’s stabilizer, it might easily outsell the E-M5 for those who don’t need two control dials, the grip, and so forth. It’s quite nice and removes some of the annoyances (though it still has those of any of the PL series, lol).

        I feel like they listened on the OM-D and tried out these changes on the E-PL5 — but Olympus being Olympus I’m not sure yet whether they will actually migrate these things to the E-M5, or just come out with a new model.

  2. OK so apart from the Jogger to the right on photo 1 it would appear that your recent application as resident photographer to the Pattaya Tourist Board has been rejected and you´re pissed off.

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