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Coffee with Kevin

After breakfast and coffee with she who must be obeyed, I met up with Kevin and his brother who are pointing a variety of lenses at Thailand for a month. Unfortunately, they are all Nikon lenses, but forgive and forget is my motto (not really).

Kevin is the real deal. Wedding photographer, wildlife photographer, a man who actually makes a living from photography; as compared to someone who just ponces around with an ever-changing collection of kit (that would be me). As befits his status, he doesn’t travel light.

First high ISO shot with the OM-D, not bad for ISO 6400.

For light relief he reads Pattaya Days and he suggested we meet up to wave our cameras at each other, so we did. A good chat ensued during which I consumed two more cups of coffee and have since spent the rest of the day in a state of caffeine overload and my head feels like it has been battered with a large Nikon. Better go and have a lie down.

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  1. Is that a D600? I saw that lenses in Europe got more expensive over Christmas – is that the same in Thailand?

    1. Camera is a D700. I have no idea of Nikon prices of anything anywhere, I am an Olympus fanboy this week.

  2. In case anybody cares, I just checked what manufacturer and model my camera is: Nikon Coolpix S220. No fiddling with lenses or settings, just point at the object and click. The most important feature is that it fits in my pocket.

  3. Real pleasure to meet up with you Spike, really enjoyed your company and When I get back into Pattaya later this month promise the caffeine overload’s on me.

    I’m a regular visitor to Thailand and normally accompanied by my wife who’s also a photographer although I think really she’s a professional shopper ( our recent return flights home with 96kgs check in luggage bears this theory out ) isn’t with me this time.

    for this trip, I’m accompanied by my brother who, has never been to Thailand before. To say that it’s like a child in a sweetshop hyperactive on red bull is an understatement. Within an hour of taking him into Walking street last night I’d lost him. Although he’s a grown man and very streetwise I sort of felt responsible for him. Fortunately a local lady managed to bring him back to our hotel and all was well.

    All this walking around the playground must have left him feeling hungry so, in the early hours whilst I slept he made his own way to Mc Donald’s to replace the lost calories. I think my brother must be lucky because at this point, he manages to find another lady who is willing to help him find his way back to the hotel. The locals here are so helpful aren’t they. He does however seem to be spending quite a lot on directions or is that e rections either way perhaps I’ll lend him my satnav tonight and save him some money.

    Looking forward to picking the the hire car up tomorrow and then it’s up to Ayutthaya for 3 days. This is followed by a 3 night stay up in Issan with friends and then onto Chiang Mai for another 3 night stay. The last night of his holiday will be in Bangkok where once again my satnav may save him some money.

    Following my brother’s departure for home, I’m off down to Krabi and surrounding area to shoot some stock and can enjoy holding something large and heavy in my hands and earn a crust. Some blue sky and sunshine would help as grey doesn’t quite work for holiday stock pictures. Going to have a few days down in Penang and back to Pattaya where I can hopefully refill spike with caffeine to continue his superb daily writing which keeps me well entertained back home in the cold wet UK.

    It truly was a pleasure to meet Spike, and for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure I can assure you he’s a true gent.

  4. Sorry, my posting was misleading. I meant prices of _all_lenses, including the Panasonic Lumix G X Vario Standardzoom 12-35mm F2,8 Asph. Power O.I.S for Micro-Four-Thir​ds. I remembered its price to be around €900.-, now it is €999.-

  5. Great post Kevin … I especially liked this bit

    “like a child in a sweetshop hyperactive on red bull”

    reminded me of my last visit to Jomtiem when I last met up with Spike … I´ve known him for 35 years and he´s always been a charachter, much admired by those who have had the pleasure of his company … he never knows when to slow down and long may that continue.

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