After breakfast and coffee with she who must be obeyed, I met up with Kevin and his brother who are pointing a variety of lenses at Thailand for a month. Unfortunately, they are all Nikon lenses, but forgive and forget is my motto (not really).

Kevin is the real deal. Wedding photographer, wildlife photographer, a man who actually makes a living from photography; as compared to someone who just ponces around with an ever-changing collection of kit (that would be me). As befits his status, he doesn’t travel light.

First high ISO shot with the OM-D, not bad for ISO 6400.

For light relief he reads Pattaya Days and he suggested we meet up to wave our cameras at each other, so we did. A good chat ensued during which I consumed two more cups of coffee and have since spent the rest of the day in a state of caffeine overload and my head feels like it has been battered with a large Nikon. Better go and have a lie down.