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Horsing about

News from the home country has been interesting this week, with an increasing number of retail outlets reporting that a percentage of beef in their beef products is actually horse.

Personally, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Horses, cows, sheep, pandas, they’re all just food on legs; kept in appalling conditions that we would rather not know about before being slaughtered in a concrete room awash with blood and then neatly packaged for our consumption. Yummy.

Anyway, I understand that the tests are based on DNA, so it might just be horse semen rather than meat, so that must be some comfort; goodness only knows what goes on in those abattoirs.

Still, the Daily Mail and similar are aghast at the “contaminated” meat scandal and hundreds of lines of breathless prose is being expended in describing what is seen as the biggest threat to Western civilisation since Prince Harry got his tackle out in Vegas.

Of course we don’t have to worry about such things in Thailand. It’s a given that minced pork is very unlikely to be all pork. Those Northern sausages that are so delicious may have an historical pig-based recipe; but who knows what is thrown into the sausage machine nowadays; especially the fatty bits. Unlike those moaners back in the UK, provided it’s a bit spicy, we’ll eat anything.

Pork seems to be the leading meat here; but I have never seen any evidence of substantial pig farming. There again, I haven’t seen that many horses, other than at the polo club.

I did spot this one on the road this afternoon; but it seemed a little skinny to throw on the BBQ:

Mark my words, when the fall comes, people will be happy to eat anything; although I would draw a line at my pussies.

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  1. It’s not just about horse meat. It’s pork too.
    Apparently some of our sensitive, locked-up Islamic terrorists have been getting traces of pig in their grub! Such a shame. Legal actions by the dozen to follow within days.
    How does one nearly package something btw?

  2. Apparently the moaners back in the UK were eating it quite happily even though it wasn’t spicy, until someone pointed out that modern processed food is, in fact, processed, and without any real provenance as to where the ‘meaty looking’ bits have come from.

    1. You’re not wrong there Pete. Apparently some outfit in the Urinated States takes beef, soaks it in noisome chemicals and then centrifuges it at a million miles an hour to try and get rid of the fat. They showed the resultant pink pulpy mass to Jamie Oliver who said something like “Urgh, red rubber bath-mat” and now they’re suing him for a gazillion dollars! Only in the land of the free…

  3. When the fall comes, and the doomsday preppers say it is, so it must be true, what will your cats be eating when you have nothing left to eat? Very hopefully not you…
    Of course there is precedent – in several famous cases in 20’s Germany human flesh was used to bulk out mainly pork sold to the hungry masses on the basis that a few people who wouldn’t be missed were much easier to aquire than scarce animal meat. Superb pragmatists those Germans…

  4. Just remember that there are 1 billion people who go to bed hungry every day (and as many who are obese), they would be happy to have horsemeat any day.

    I can’t see anything wrong with eating horse (or dog, but not cats, rats however are ok).

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