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Olympus OM-D E-M5 review

Where? I hear you ask. Or more likely: Oh shit, not another one of his tedious reviews.

Be still your beating heart gentle reader, for today is a momentous day in the expansion of the Pattaya Days™ empire.

Not many of you were around in March 2008 when we first opened our doors and the initial, tentative post dropped onto the unsuspecting wide wide world of web. And now here we are, a zillion posts later, and thousands hundreds several readers per day. My how we have grown.

Some people write these things in the hope of making money. They plaster their sites with Google ads and links to affiliates and all the other commercial nonsense. But I have never done this, and never will, with Pattaya Days. For I write for the love of writing, to share my crummy photos, and to build a connection with you, yes you, my most treasured of readers.

There are those who claim I don’t carry advertisements only because this is such a general site that it would be impossible to carry targeted advertising. They say I would do better with a site dedicated to photography where I can start to add all manner of money-making links.

I have brushed their grubby suggestions aside; but purely by coincidence I have decided to start a new site which focuses (sic) on photography. And if some adverts start to appear in the fulness of time, then it isn’t my fault.

What it does mean is that if I have the urge to write some more technical stuff, I don’t need to burden you with it here. Equipment reviews would fall under that heading, so my first post on the new site is an E-M5 review. I have planned to spend a few days this week tarting up the site to make it acceptable, but man flu has struck again so it is very basic at the moment. Needs work.

I will find a way to alert you to posts on each site, in case you want to punish yourself and read everything. Other than that, Pattaya Days will continue as before.

And this new site? Oh yes: Micro Four Thirds Info. Please come and visit. In the years to come when it is a throbbing commercial giant, you can say you were there at the start; and everyone will reply “so what?”

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