It is with deep regret that I have to advise that I have lost yet another reader.

I have received the following message from the imaginatively titled “Couldbe Nice”:

“But, closed comments, radical attitude, changed my mind from book marking and sharing this with friends, to saying to myself, this site is to be passed.”

Oh dear.

Closed comments? Well, all posts are automatically closed to comments after 30 days, otherwise spam from people with suspicious names like “Couldbe Nice” get past my spam filter and have to be deleted. I also closed a post recently because Grant was getting a little excited and I felt we were deviating from the usual jovial banter.

Radical? Me? I appreciate my love for Micro Four Thirds cameras is hardly mainstream; but I would not describe it as radical. Perhaps it is my views on the foreign policy of the West; although unless you live in a world of Fox News, I would have thought my views are pretty much shared nowadays.

No, my apparently radical attitude must stem from my stated admiration of Moonrise Kingdom as being the best movie of 2012. I can see how that view could upset someone, although I find Couldbe Nice’s reaction to be a little, how can I express it, radical?

So there we are, another reader and all his/her friends have gone, never to return. I cried myself to sleep I can tell you.