Spent yesterday processing polo photos, and when I was done I turned to my media collection for some light relief. One of my recent downloads was a movie called “Jack Reacher”, starring the diminutive man with a weird belief system, Tom Cruise.

Watched the first couple of minutes and it looked interesting, but it was a bad copy, probably a cam from a cinema; so I headed off to the web to see when the DVD would be released so I could download an illegal copy go to the shops and purchase the disk.

Instead I stumbled across negative reviews, mainly focused on the fact that Cruise was too tiny to play the character described in the books, and the film was not a patch on the novel. This lead me into some investigations into the books. I was surprised to find that there are about seventeen Jack Reacher books, churned out on annual basis by a Brit who writes under the name of Lee Child, although the main character is American and the settings for the stories are mainly in America.

The Jack Reacher movie is based on a book called One Shot; but recommendations were that new readers should start with the first book, written in 1997, called The Killing Floor.

Movie forgotten, it was off to Amazon and three pounds had the book downloading to my Kindle; although I ended up reading it on my iPad, and on my phone when I needed to pretend to be social when we went out for a meal.

Not great literature, but a great story and I am already 60% through and plan to finish before I have to go out this afternoon and take some more polo shots.

So if you will excuse me, Jack has some heavy duty revenge to inflict….