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Benign bangs

While people in Bangkok started killing each other in order to decide which flavour of politician would be next in line to steal the wealth of the nation, in Pattaya we had rather more benign bangs thanks to the International Fireworks Festival:

Olympus E-M1 with Olympus 75mm, 15 second exposure.

Olympus E-M1 with Olympus 12-40mm, 9 second exposure.

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  1. I see you have no sign of what some were complaining about long night exposure hot pixels ( something to do with NR set to auto rather than off…) one of the things that attracts me to the EM1 is the LiveTime/LiveBulb thing for just this type of shot…nice shots

    1. Some whining in the comments on here:

      I set noise reduction to ON and took shots up to 28 seconds exposure, no problems at all.

      I started by using Live Time, but decided it was pointless for fireworks. Live Time is great for when you want to ensure good overall exposure for long shots (probably using an ND filter), but for fireworks it is all about, well, the fireworks!
      So I set it on bulb and pressed the cable release when an interesting looking display started, and released it when it seemed like the display was in a bit of a lull.
      I used F10 so the background lights weren’t changed much by the differences in exposure, even at 28 seconds they did not blow out too badly.

  2. Yeah, not quite sure what all the yada yada is about – seems more extreme long exposure ( ie 30 mins ) that they complain about…though since it seems that with the “dark frame subtraction” it usually takes about the same time as the exposure to write to the card I can’t imagine waiting 30 mins to take the next shot ! I have also seen the same complaints about time with the Fuji X series – that if they take a 20 sec exposure it takes 20 sec to write the image…but the results were quite lovely…and that seems not too long to wait ( assuming somewhat static subjects…) I’m sure your above technique would work just as well with the Fuji as well ….in fact it’s good advice for most photography – take a photo when things are interesting and stop when they are not….unfortunately not that many recognize when they are not and just keep shooting…and then subjecting us to the results…

  3. Not at all referring to you Spike…enjoy your work a lot…although even you and all your skill have not been able to make the trannys look …well…female….

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