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Dancing in the dark

Have just completed processing the photos from three days of polo, and you will be pleased to know that I am not going to burden you with a bunch of images. But happy to report that the new camera worked a treat and produced many photos that I, and the polo club, are happy with.

The last day of the event rather dragged, with the matches starting later and with many interruptions, such that the last chukka was held in near dark conditions. The other photographer in attendance had long since given up with her flappy mirror Canon; but I was made of sterner stuff and, removing my 40-150mm F2.8, I reached into my bag and brought out the lord of darkness, the tyrant of twilight, the dominatrix of the shadows (etc.), the 42.5mm F1.2 Nocticron. The crowd gasped (if there had been one, those with any sense were either in the bar or fumbling around on horses in the semi-darkness).

Needed a polo pony to stray in my direction, but when one did, I caught this:


Well done to the camera for maintaining focus when it was hard to see anything, and to the lovely Nocticron for sucking in what little light that there was.

I made a point of showing it to the Canon shooter.

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      1. Take it, it’s yours!
        It’s curious how the polo paddock in this shot looks a bit like the surface of the sea…

  1. More like prancing than dancing methinks.
    Whilst it does lack the alliteration, who cares?
    Not very chivalrous getting one over the Canon user though.

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