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Just like the old days

My regular reader (if he is still around, maybe he died) will recall the heady days of yore when this blog was awash with horsey photos (which is maybe one of the reasons I only have one regular reader left).

And then the equine laden content ceased because I sold my sodding big Canon and settled on Micro Four Thirds cameras which were smaller, lighter and more wonderful at almost everything, apart from taking photos of prancing ponies (and anything else that moved).

But then along came the E-M1 II and suddenly action photography was doable again. After an initial test I descended on my favourite club this last week and four thousand or so photos later I can confirm that this new toy really does the business.

I knocked out four thousand photos because at eighteen shots a second you soon rack up the numbers. Then you go through and pick out the interesting moments, like this one:


or this one:

And then throw away all the shots captured either side of “the moment”. This extra frame rate really makes a difference, aided by the fact that nearly all the shots are in focus.

The improved stabilisation probably helped in getting some low shutter speed shots. I turned on vertical stabilisation only, and then then panned as best I could.

1/250th second:

1/160th second:

Once everyone had headed for the bar, I stuck on the Nocticron and took shots at F1.2 without flash. In the semi-darkness this gave rise to some crazy ISOs, but the camera did an acceptable job:

1/20th second, F1.2, ISO 6400

Well done my new toy.




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  1. Ahh… Nostalgia indeed!
    The heaving sweaty flanks, the flared steaming nostrils, the wild staring eyes; and the there’s the horseys…
    Nice stuff old chap, looking forward to a few hundred more and the possible resumption of the ‘how many hooves off the ground’ competition.

  2. Grant seems particularly enamored with your Walking Street pics …and he seems to like the polo shots as well….

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