Driving down the road on Saturday evening and there was a beautiful orange moon in the sky. That would look good next to a temple, I thought.

So the next night I headed for my favourite temple complex and found an illuminated spire. I had my 40-150mm lens, and an anxious wife who was convinced we would, at the minimum, be beaten up and robbed in the dark car park. Mr. Google advised me of the moon rise time and direction, so I waited for it to appear over the trees and my wife waited for a squad of bandits to emerge from the darkness.

The moon appeared (the bandits didn’t). It was not as close to the temple as I would have liked, and my choice of “Low” ISO on the camera contributed to a washed out moon. Frankly, not good enough.


Last tight we went back. The wife had concealed weapons (probably), and I had the extender on the lens and a decent exposure setup after the lessons of the previous evening. After some waiting, accompanied by grumbling from inside the car (it’s not coming, let’s go home, an assault is imminent, code red), the moon popped up in an almost perfect position next to the temple.



Got the shots, she who must be obeyed stood down from high alert, and we returned home. Would look even better with a 300mm lens…