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Bangkok Bank bureaucracy

I recently renewed my visa. As part of the process I discovered that my cunning stunt of holding one million baht to cover both the financial requirements for my visa and providing me with a credit card was no longer viable. So it was off to Bangkok Bank to reduce the balance of the account to 400,000 baht, which would give me a more than adequate credit card cover of 200,000 baht.

“Good morning, I would like to reduce the credit limit on this card to 200,000 baht.”
Long pause while various people are consulted.
“Why not?”
“Cannot change credit limit on card. You will have to apply for new card. And it will no longer be extra special premium VIP card.”
“What is the minimum credit limit for the extra special premium VIP card.”
“OK, it can be the extra special premium VIP card.”
“Presumably I can keep this card while I wait for the new one?”
How long for the new card?”
“Maybe six weeks, new process, lots of forms.”
“So for six weeks I will have no credit card?”
“Correct, but maybe only four weeks. Can you manage for four weeks without a credit card?”
– My turn-

So I went to my new friends in TSB with whom I have deposited cash for a few years.

“Can I apply for a credit card?”

But the lady hinted SCB might be able to help. I have never even walked in the door of SCB; but worth a try.

“Good morning SCB, can I apply for a credit card?”
“Can. Get proof of address from immigration and fill in a form. Deposit 400,000 baht and get interest plus a credit card with 200,000 baht limit.”
“I love you.”

So that is what I will do; and once I have my nice new SCB card, I will be down to Bangkok Bank to cancel the existing card, remove my one million baht, and spend it all on cake*.


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    1. Can be, but some aspects are excellent. The prevalence of, and services available from, ATM machines is better than many other places. And the fact I can walk into a bank and pay almost anything for a fee of 10-20 baht is so useful.

      1. Our nice lady at the Bangkok Bank, some years ago now, disappeared very suddenly and was never heard of again.
        Discreet enquiries revealed that she had been mulcted to the tune of many millions of baht.
        Fortunately none of it seemed to be any of ours.
        The moral is that your eggs, and your risk, should be spread among a number of baskets…

  1. I use only the virtual card at Kasikorn Bank. No credit, no fees.
    Change the limit when I need that.
    Very safe, can not loose.

  2. Your reference to a “cunning stunt” reminded me of Kenny Everitts character “Cupid Stunt”.

    Clearly Bangkok Bank saw this character as a role model in their staff recruitment, or maybe it’s how they see their customers!

    Moved to SCB years ago. Never a problem.

  3. “and get interest”
    Just out of interest, how much? [see what I did there?] Here in Blighty, accounts that pay (significant) interest are rare indeed these days.

  4. Makes me remember the problems I recently had with transfer a considerable amount from out-of-region bank to my own bank.” Antiquated disaster” is an understatement. I am very happy I do not have to do inter-regional business in Thailand because it is a costly, time consuming joke. Same thing occurred when I had to open a new bank account ….. “Can not” and “Need WP”. At the 4th bank … “No problem, Sir”. Also makes me remember that I did read once that most (if not all) banks here are setup by members of the Boys in Green.

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