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Foolishly arriving on a bank holiday weekend, we lay low with The Son and his wife for a couple of days before collecting a hire car (Golf, atrocious gearbox, no power) and heading north for our first stop: Highclere castle; the shooting location for Downton Abbey and therefore on she who must be obeyed’s “must do” list; along with needing to visit a massive shopping centre and some other things I conveniently forgot before we even arrived.

My cameras for the holiday were the E-M1 with a couple of lenses, plus the dinky 1951 Leica IIIC and a bag of film.

Here’s Highclere with the E-M1:


and here it is again with the Leica:


We’ve certainly come a long way photographically in 66 years….

After paying most of our holiday funds for entry, we made a tour of the house where photography was not permitted. Pretty enough, and cleverly peppered with production shots from the TV series in various rooms so you could recognise where each room featured in the series. The rooms were also cleverly peppered with photos of the current aristocratic living in the place; so we wouldn’t feel to bad about giving all our money to the already obscenely rich.

After parading through the small portion of the house open to the public; we were ejected into the grounds and gardens.






Pleasant enough, and at least it didn’t rain like it did for most of the rest of the holiday.

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