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Some Manchester shots

Leica IIIC

Manchester street 2

Manchester street

Manchester street 3

Manchester street 4

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  1. Nice pictures; just reinforces the stereotype that Manchester is a grey place though. After all – it is on the wrong side of the Pennines.

    1. While I can only agree as to the unfortunate geographic positioning, these were actually quite colourful; but I had left the E-M1 at the apartment. If I had only had the PEN…

  2. So my attempt at winning the “stupidest comment in response to this post” prize would be a question: In the last photograph, do you think that poster was supposed to say, “Party, Hip-Hop, Classic R&B and BasHment Bangers”, or “BasEment Bangers”? Inquiring minds probably couldn’t give a toss…

    Thanks – I’ll see myself out…

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