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Everything is partially unbroken

Tuesday morning dawned fresh and clear; so how better to spend the day than to draw the curtains, fire up the computer and have an extended learning session with my likely Adobe product replacements?

I was interrupted by a mail from Rick@Knees, gleefully informing me that Pattaya Days was broken (and he would follow up with similar mails throughout the day, he likes to keep me on my toes). Turns out it was fine on a PC, but not showing on a phone or tablet. Of course I had no idea why, but I embarked upon the usual things in WordPress. Disabled all the plug-ins (still not working according to Mr, Naggy), updated what I could (another negative mail arrived), and finally decided it might be the theme I use; so updated that. The update ran OK until it had to do something clever, and then it went into a loop, and continued to do so whatever I did to try and stop it. Oh dear.

So into the files on my service provider to delete the theme; the only way to stop it; and then I had Pattaya Days back in a vanilla state (but it’s still not working on the phone according to the latest missive from you know who). Off to look at the database and found an error. Ran repair and problem solved! If I had done that at the start I might still have had my site as it was meant to be. But now I had not only lost my theme, but WordPress was behaving strangely; I decided to do a fresh install. Deleted everything on the server and then reloaded WordPress. Ran the installer as I have done many times before. Nothing. Nada. Bugger all. So now I had no Pattaya Days at all, and no idea how to fix it.

In desperation I sought help from my service provider, Bluehost. Their help took the same form as Adobe, a chat screen. Given recent experience, I settled down for a long and painful interaction. In a minute or so a helper appeared and asked about my problem. “Give me five minutes”, she typed and disappeared for slightly less than that. “Now try it”, she suggested. I did, and it worked!! I could have kissed her, but instead gave her a five star post chat review. Well done Bluehost.

So that was all of Tuesday.

Yesterday I attempted to rebuild something that at least works and now it does (although my bitching friend has just been on the phone kindly pointing out that it looks different and some posts look weird. No shit Shitlock). This is by no means the final solution so please bear with me; but at least there is now a Like button as requested by many (one) of you, Progress indeed.

I sometimes wonder if this thing is worth the effort…



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      1. It’s true. I’ve given up asking for help; all I get are outrageous estimates. He should have been a plumber.

        Plus, he was up a mountain in Canada photographing bears at the time.

  1. Clearly you were hacked by the rotting zombie cyber nuns; happens when you flash your camera around too much…

  2. This is much the same strategy Adobe followed ( and will in the future – just to give you a “like” button….and look where it got them…;-)

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