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Pattaya is awash with seamen

For it is the International Fleet Review and vessels from many nations are parked out in the bay, for reasons that remain unclear to me. Some sort of inspection will be carried out apparently (nice boat, love the grey colour, well done), but beyond that I don’t see the point. For the crews of said vessels it is an opportunity for them to come ashore and visit the many cultural attractions which this fine city has to offer.


According to the Pattaya Mail there was a parade of floats at 0900 today; and according to everyone else there would be a parade of seamen at 1630. We were duly in place on Beach Road at 0900 and predictably nothing happened. Well done Pattaya Mail. Instead we headed for breakfast and then parked in Central, planning to spend the intervening hours wandering about pending the magnificent spectacle. But we didn’t make it.

For some weeks I have been feeling unwell. Hard to describe, but the symptoms included cold back and legs, feeling slightly faint and with a tiredness in my left arm. Blood tests had ruled out any anemia or thyroid issues, so when I started to feel particularly shitty when we got into Central, the procession plan was aborted and my wonderful wife moved into action. She found a good heart doctor on duty at Piyathai Sri Racha hospital; so we went there.

I won’t bore you with the details, but there is something amiss in one area of my heart and we need to find out what the problem is and fix it. The doctor was wonderful; the best experience I have had with a doctor in Thailand. He spent a very long time talking to me and explaining the options without trying to sell me anything, unlike the money grabbing charlatans at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. I will be returning next week for a CT scan and the whatever is wrong we will fix it; or at least he will.

At this point I have been instructed to point out that Rick@KNees rang me up to enquire after my health after I had left the hospital. Perhaps beneath that gruff uncompromising exterior there is a heart of gold; although I doubt it.

And the parade? A huge storm before the event flooded Beach Road and the seamen were splashing ankle deep through the water; which is something I suppose they should be good at.

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  1. do let us know how the medical proceedings go, and if you need any second medical opinion on your heart’s condition , please contact me via gmail. Hope everything is shipshape!

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