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A walk down 11 Street

Just over a year ago I bough the Olympus 12-100mm lens and it was the perfect companion to my E-M1 II. Then I sold the E-M1 II. So then I sold the 12-100mm. What to do with the cash? Buy some clothes for the wife? Invest in paint and decorate the house? Haha! Another lens of course, this time the Laowa 7.5mm; an ideal choice for my trip to Chernobyl with The Son next month (I jest not).

Trouble is, they are hard to come by. My favourite local web store, Lazada, had nothing to offer and the only alternative seemed to be eBay, with all the shipping delays and inevitable taxes that would arise. Then I found 11Street, a local on-line store with a seller that had the lens in stock. So I ordered it on 30th November from a company called CameraMaker and two days later the lens was marked as shipped and an EMS tracking number provided. Hurrah!!

And then not Hurrah!, because the tracking number didn’t appear on the Thai Post tracking system. I contacted 11Street but their customer support works on a three day delay basis, presumably in the hope you will give up and go away. So I contacted CameraMaker directly. They responded:

“Sorry for our mistake.
The product will be available and can ship to all of order on Wednesday onward.”

‘Our mistake’ was to fraudulently provide a false tracking number for a lens that they never sent because they didn’t even have it in stock….?

I told CamerMaker that, if it came into stock on the Wednesday, they could contact me and I would go to Bangkok and collect it personally. Meantime I wanted a refund. They cancelled the transaction but never contacted me to collect the lens, although it remained listed as being in stock.

Back to the tardy 11Street customer support. Given that I had been sold a product that was not actually available and further given an invalid tracking number, I wanted a refund NOW! Three days later I received a mail telling me the sale had been cancelled due to “shipping delays” and I would receive a refund in 2-3 weeks. Further mails were despatched by “Mr. Angry” of Pattaya, to no avail, and I eventually got my money back three weeks later.

Shan’t be walking down 11Street again; more dangerous than Soi 6,

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