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Not Ayrton Senna

There have been accusations over the years that this site is, far too often, lavatorially focused. Guilty as charged. I leave it to others to debate the challenges of the world economy and the horrors of the spunktrumpet currently tweeting bollocks from the White House; someone needs to keep a focus on the things that matter. Like poo.

And so…

Having recovered from my egg inflicted food poisoning, I looked forward to life returning to normal. Food ingestion commenced, but it wasn’t long before I noticed that food egestion was not part of my daily agenda. Having been abused with raw egg, my stomach had gone on strike and was refusing to move cargo southwards.

Defcon 1 was initiated. Lots of liquids, coconut oil, fibrous veggies, blah, blah, blah. Nothing.

She who must be obeyed declared an elevation to Devcon 2 and gave me this:

“Drink this tonight and you will be fine in the morning”, she told me. So I did, and I was. Examination of the innocuous looking packet revealed that the teabag contained both senna and senna pods, both evacuation enhancing candidates.

I am glad there was not a need to elevate to Devcon 3, which involves eating some special greens that are acquired from the local market. The last time we had them, my wife forgot their lubricating properties and we spent the next few hours on the loo. Thank goodness we are blessed with two toilets.

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