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The best new year

We were asleep by 2230 and woke up refreshed to a new year the following morning; best way to avoid all the nonsense. So that’s the “festive season” out of the way until the Xmas songs start again in the malls around September.

January 2018 has a couple of notable events in my trivial existence:

Life has dictated that I have had limited quality time alone with The Son (and by “quality time” I mean trying to score points and taking the piss out of each other); so I am really looking forward for a few days of adventure in his company starting next week. And by “adventure” I mean Ukraine. Specifically Chernobyl. Because nothing fosters father/son bonding more than time together in a post-apocalyptic disaster zone at minus 10 degrees. There will be photos.

Then later in the month we are off to Penang to stay with friends and shoot the Thaipusam festival where things get stuck through flesh in all manner of unpleasant ways. Because nothing fosters friendship more than shooting faith inspired masochism and vomiting into each other’s backpacks when it all becomes too much. There will be photos (not of the backpacks).

Before all that, the front page of this site tells me that Pattaya Days will hit one million views and of course I will be offering a magnificent prize to the person who has the millionth view.

Meantime, I really must finish processing some photos from the Wonderfruit festival we went to last month.


May your 2018 be fruitful.

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    1. Of course I can.
      I believe the normal compensation is an expensive watch “on loan from a businessman”, placed in an envelope marked “tractor spares” and left behind the green waste bin on Walking Street. I’ll look out for it.

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