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The grand prize

Those of you perusing this site via the miracle of a computer may have noticed the above statistic on the right hand side of the screen. Yes, after almost ten years of unremitting bullshit, this most trivial of sites has conned people to view it more than 1 million times. Given my current levels of enthusiasm and my life expectancy, there is little chance of the two million mark being reached; so it is appropriate that I award a suitably generous prize for the one millionth view.

The lucky one millionth reader will receive a return air ticket to the UK!

After careful checking by independent assessors, it has been determined that the winner is:


I leave on Wednesday for a couple of weeks do don’t expect much in the way of posts.

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  1. I’m delighted not to have won your most generous millionth reader prize which would have been totally wasted on me or indeed any resident of the UK.
    I hope you enjoy your forthcoming visit. Does it include a detour via Chernobyl?

  2. I’m also glad I didn’t win because if I did I would have had to have a photo with Spike holding a big fake cardboard air ticket on whatever the cheapest airline is saying “Thailand to UK Return!!” and then big words plastered across it saying ” Not for Actual Travel” and then a bunch of fine print at the bottom saying payment for each ounce of luggage was my own responsibility and not covered, plus some general advice to pack sandwiches etc, and that a seat was not guaranteed but they had reserved a space in the baggage hold for a dog cage….

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