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Not so dumb

My battle against the plaque currently invading my arteries involves a three pronged assault. Firstly there is the keto diet which is now part of my life and I cannot imagine heading back to the world of sugar, hunger cycles and a fuzzy head. Secondly there is the adoption of intermittent fasting (eighteen hours a day) which we have practised a couple of times but must make part of our routine (the wide wide world of web will tell you why this is a good thing, should you be interested, and I accept you are probably not).

The final prong in the assault is a fitness routine. This is also a good thing. Allegedly.

I am heading out on my new SUP a few times a week and jolly good it is too. But the web tells me I should be doing more, specifically lifting weights. Oh dear.

Weight lifting normally requires going to the gym, which The Son assures me is full of swole men. I had to look it up, but the definition seems appropriate: A paragon of hypermasculinity, manifesting in the physical and attitudinal embodiment of strength, occupying space with intimidating quantity and developing rippling musculature through rigorous, disciplined exercise. This is not me. Plus, gyms smell, they require travel, and the equipment, if not already taken by the swole brigade will be suspiciously sticky, or broken, or both. So the gym can fuck off.

For a while I considered an exercise machine, but Antz, whom I respect for some reason, advised that these were a bad idea; so instead I targeted my research on dumbbells.

Plenty of choice on Lazada, mainly locally constructed offerings of dubious quality with a range of weights I would have to spread over the floor and attach to a little bar to make up the required weight; not that I had any idea what the required weight would be for a man of my antiquity and chronic fitness. But then I found these:

American manufacturer of repute and so elegantly designed. You turn the dials to the required weight and then lift it out of the holder. Out it comes with the required weights attached.

So my dumbbell collection can sit in a small space on the free stand provided; helps to keep the wife happy.

The only other thing I need for my home gym setup is a bench, so I go one of those too.

Haven’t used it yet because I buggered myself dragging it around the house and constructing the stand and bench; but when I have recovered I look forward to it gathering dust in a corner using it daily.

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  1. Hmmm the plaque… I have the same. Atherosclerosis that is, and my main arteria is almost blocked. Gave up on smoking last August, but I’d love to hear about your diet, and why it should help to fast for 18 hours/day.
    Anyway, best wishes from here (near Frankfurt, Germany, Europe) to you.

    1. First, you have to have a view as to the root cause of heart disease. I have been convinced that it is insulin resistance.
      Ivor Cummins explains it best; all his videos are worth watching, this is typical:

      The key for me to address isulin resistance was to move to a low carb diet, and the ketogenic diet is a low as you can go! My body now runs on fat rather than carbs.

      Good keto sources:

      Not only am I hoping that it will help with the heart disease; but once you are in ketosis you feel great; so much energy compared to burning sugar.

      Fasting is good for your body generally (including insulin resistance). Google for more.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Ah, thanks for the explanation!

        I think we don’t have the exact same problems, since my heart is ok according to the doctors – it’s just my main arteria which is almost blocked, so I have what we in Germany call “Schaufensterkrankheit” (=”shopping window illness”). Means my blood isn’t flowing into the legs as easily as it should, and as a result my muscles down there don’t get enough oxygen, so after some 120+ fast steps my legs begin to hurt, and I have to take a pause (therefore “shopping window illness”).

        I get a statin against blood fat (“the plaque” as they called it), and aspirin to keep the blood thin. Doesn’t get better, also not by stopping smoking half a year ago – I have to be operated some time. Like a bypass or such.

        Again, thanks for the links, and for your explanations.


        1. Sounds like we have exactly the same problem. I have two arteries partially blocked, one 50% and one 37%; such that my left side feels weak and I get dizzy, although beta blockers have resolved that.
          Statins reduce the body’s production of cholesterol and thereby lower you cholesterol numbers; which is not the problem anyway according to Cummins and many others. If you want to reduce plaque, then you have to address insulin resistance.
          Still, whatever route you choose I wish you luck.

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