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Total recall

She who must be obeyed receives a phone call from Mitsubishi. “Your truck is being recalled to replace the air bag. Please come in when you can”.

We haven’t had it all that long; but recalls seem quite common with modern cars, so she drives to the garage this morning and I head along later to pick her up.

“I have brought my truck to have the air bag changed, as requested”, she said, except in Thai.

The Mitsu man looked confused. “Do you happen to have more than one Mitsubishi truck?” he enquires hopefully.

My wife gesticulates sadly towards the heap of scrap that is my ten year old, extremely unwashed, marginally insured, hardly tyred, Triton which has just arrived to collect her. “Well”, she admitted reluctantly, “there is that.”

The Mitsu man relaxed. “That’s the one! Because of its age, we need to replace the airbag!. No charge!”

So they did. And now I still have an ancient, dirty, slick-shod diesel engine on iron rails; but the airbag is fucking first class. Thank you Mitsubishi.

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