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A good week to be British

I am not, of course, referring to the football; where I refuse to become emotionally involved in order to spare the inevitable disappointment.

Instead I am basking in the warm glow of the UK divers who discovered the lost boys in the cave. Yes, there are hundreds involved in the rescue, all of whom deserve our admiration; but, unlike some, the UK trio have completely shunned publicity and just got on with the rescue. As one Thai commentator said “they just dove and dove and dove”, which may or may not be grammatically perfect, but sums up their attitude. On the day they found the boys they were diving from 0430, leading a group to extend the range of the search. Top men. The two who made the discovery are still on site, the third, aged 70, has had to return to the UK for a health check; but he did get a thank you, a certificate and a new pair of shoes at the airport, so that’s good.

The Brits just got an a plane (economy class) to see if they could help. The USA flew in a small contingent of helpers, which is great; but did they really need to bring along a PR person with dead eyes and sincerity issue to tell everyone how helpful they were being?:

I cashed in on the good feelings yesterday by breezing through immigration in less than five minutes, no doubt thanks to my union jack hard hat, muddy boots and length of rope. Plus, there was no queue.

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  1. If that is their choice of PR person I am not surprised they loose any war they have been creating in the past 200 years.
    Kudos to the boys & girls just doing their job to safe a live, in this case 13 people in a cave. They come, they do and go home.
    And well of course there are a few special one’s who see it as momentum to spearhead their career.

  2. ” I am not, of course, referring to the football; where I refuse to become emotionally involved in order to spare the inevitable disappointment ”

    Oh Yea !

    It’s coming Home, It’s coming Home, It’s coming Home,

  3. I don’t watch football – sport is for doing [unless it’s Formula One, coz I can’t afford to buy a team – although it’s so boring I don’t watch that anymore either].

    Yesterday I was trying to explain to one of my colleagues in the office why England would not win the cup. It has nothing to do with the coach and little to do with the players. It has everything to do with the state of football – particularly the “premier league” in the UK. The game has become so lucrative, the amount of money on the line so vast, that none of the premier clubs want to release their English players for national squad practice. So the English Team get a scant few hours together before a major tournament [sometimes not even that].

    A Team that trains together thinks together. A team that thinks as one can act as one – and win.

    Unless or until UK clubs allow the England squad to get plenty of regular time playing and practicing together, we won’t win any major tournament.

    Sad but true…

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