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Adobe can fuck off

I was a user of Lightroom before it was Lightroom. The software was called Pixmantec, and when Adobe acquired it to form a basis for Lightroom, I received version 1 of Lightroom for free. But in the ten plus years since then I have paid, for every new version and then for a subscription once Adobe moved the product to a rental basis. Last month they changed the product again…

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The annual freak show

The usual Halloween visit to Walking Street; and every year the delights on offer seem to diminish. The enticement brigade outside each bar seem to have lost interest in dressing up, probably because this would increase the potential for cameras being pointed in their direction, something which they and their handlers seem increasingly keen to avoid. So it was left to the tourists to provide most of the photo potential,…

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Night train

Rick@Knees can be a bit of a twat. Yes, he is relentlessly enthusiastic, inspiring and helpful when it comes to photography; but then he goes and does something that makes me want to give up. He decided he wanted to go and take a night shot of a dimly lit train near Siam golf course; so I went along too. For an hour or so we wrestled with focus and…

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Can you follow?

The latest E-M1 is a bit of whizz when it comes to following moving objects, and it will capture them at eighteen images a second; as the stuffed contents of my cards would confirm after any action shoot. But the E-M1 is gone and the PEN-F is a more sedentary beast, and has a reputation for being a little crap in the motion tracking department. So for a little test…

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The day after

We spent yesterday watching the royal funeral on TV, most impressive pageantry. There is a collection of photos here. The event in Pattaya was very crowded; but this morning the site was deserted.

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The magnificent seven redux

  • October 22, 2017

Lego has been in our family for ever and The Son has a large collection of it somewhere. When we lived in Europe we took him to visit Legoland in Denmark and I was most impressed with the large number of Lego themed rides and displays. The Son was not impressed; he found a room full of Lego bits and just wanted to stay there all day, building stuff. The…

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The magnificent seven

  • October 21, 2017

In a previous post covering my trivial motor sports endeavours, I referred fondly to my first car, a Lotus 7. As mentioned, my puberty was not spent furtively seeking boobs (that was to come later), but spending pocket money on any magazine that included a Lotus 7 related article, which I then cut out and stuck in my scrap book of devotion. Evenings would be spent re-reading the articles and…

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