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Captain Hook

A break from processing Chernobyl snaps as we pop down to Penang to point the PEN at Thaipusam. An even bigger photo backlog results and I look forward to making you avert your eyes with shots like this:

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Russian military base – Chernobyl

Supporting The Duga was a large complex. There were many rooms presumably used to house control equipment; with the latter scattered around. Fascinating place, but I would not have wanted to spend the night. There were some surprisingly well preserved artifacts inside: Outside, murals still adorned many of the walls. Could easily have spent a week in the place; but after a couple of hours we had to leave and…

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The Duga

Marked on maps as a children's summer camp, a secret Russian military base near Chernobyl was home to a massive structure known as The Duga. It was part of an 'over the horizon' early warning system and, when operational, broadcast a clicking sound that infuriated people worldwide and prompted the nickname: The Russian Woodpecker. There are two parts to the structure, best viewed from the roof of the control buildings:…

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In the zone

Our accomodation in Kiev was the Salut hotel, described as a "an icon of mid-century Soviet Modernism". I am not sufficiently informed to disagree: Our room was clean and spacious, and like all Ukrainian interiors, hot. It was explained that everywhere in Ukraine features efficient heating, for without you die. Fair enough. But our toasty room radiator offered no controls to moderate the heat and we fancied something a little…

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Return from Chernobnyl

The dodgems - Pripyat amusement park Early in the morning of 26th April 1986, an explosion and fire at the number four reactor at Chernobyl resulted in the most devastating nuclear accident in history. The town of Pripyat was evacuated, large areas of Ukraine and Belarus were rendered uninhabitable and many villages were abandoned within a 2,600 square kilometre exclusion zone. Had the wind been in an another direction, the…

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A small bag full

  • January 9, 2018

After much deliberation, my companions for the Ukraine jaunt have been chosen. Olympus PEN-F Panasonic GF1 (adapted for infra-red) Olympus 75mm Panasonic Nocticron 42.5mm Panasonic Leica 15mm Olympus 9mm bodycap lens Supported by a shitload of batteries and chargers, because I don't expect many shots per charge at -30 degrees wind chill. This lot fits in a small bag. Would like to take a film camera as well, but that's…

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The grand prize

  • January 7, 2018

Those of you perusing this site via the miracle of a computer may have noticed the above statistic on the right hand side of the screen. Yes, after almost ten years of unremitting bullshit, this most trivial of sites has conned people to view it more than 1 million times. Given my current levels of enthusiasm and my life expectancy, there is little chance of the two million mark being…

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