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Smaller tracker

It’s almost three years since I put my Timex Rolex in the drawer and strapped on a fitness tracker. It has served me well, but it was a bit of a slab on my little wrist. So when I discovered a smaller version, the Garmin Vivosport, I had to succumb.

It’s certainly smaller:

Apart from the smaller dial, the two buttons are gone, meaning you have to operate everything via the screen, which works OK once you are used to it. Also smaller is the battery life, needing a top up every 3-4 days depending on how often I have used the GPS function (for seeing where I went when windsurfing for example).

Fancy displays like this do not appear on the device, but on the Garmin app on your phone (or on your computer). Syncing happens automatically, so by the time I have dragged myself out of the sea, I can pick up my phone and review the session.

The pre-defined list of activities has changed. The swimming activity is gone; but I can just use “other”, and they have added a weight lifting option which tries, but often fails (or inserts a generic description), to work out what exercise you are doing from the movement of your wrist.

In auto mode it also sometimes neglects to record all the reps. Not really important to me because I just want to remind myself of when I worked out and for how long. If you really need to know you can edit the data and record the weight lifted on each exercise.

All of your data is held by Garmin, so when I changed to a new device the old data was still available and I can gaze at my heart rate for the last year should I so wish:

The sleep tracking is as dubious as ever, and the new variable heart rate monitor should be useful, but it just translates it into something called “stress”, and if I wanted stress I would have a job.

Overall, I prefer this smaller model. 7,200 baht at B2S or from Lazada in a range of colours.

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    1. Sadly, the pound sterling/baht exchange rate means my gadget purchasing powers are greatly diminished. If you would like to buy me some gadgets, I will happily review for you!

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