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Art in Paradise

The sign outside provides a clue; what we have here is an interractive (sic) art museum:

It’s also a clue that an English speaker has not been consulted during construction. Inside the entrance, there is confirmation of this:

It doesn’t look promising, what we are about to experience may be the epitome of crap. But, surprisingly, it is rather good.

Firstly, it is big. Many halls filled with artwork. And the artwork is cleverly executed, with a 3D effect which is very convincing and you have to get up close to appreciate that it is just painted onto a flat wall.

At least eighty per cent of the pieces are designed to support the interactive (sorry, interractive) nature of the gallery. The statute of confidentiality does not allow me to show you the fifty or so photos of she who must be obeyed doing her interactive thing; but you can get the idea from the following:

A harmless giggle for an hour or so, although the limited lighting may make it difficult for most visitors to capture reasonable shots (I was shooting at around 1/10th second, but I was using a tripod). Worth the 150 baht entrance fee, if you are a Thai.

If you are not a Thai, then you will be stung for 500 baht, which makes the show less attractive; especially as they couldn’t even be bothered to check the grammar and spelling for those people who are expected to pay extra. I will not be returning.

For more information, it is important that you watch this video right till the end, thank you.

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  1. I refuse to give money to any business that indulges in double (or in this case more than triple) pricing. The usual excuse re national parks etc being supported by taxes that Thais pay and so they should pay less doesn’t apply to businesses that specialise in racism and greed.

  2. For 500thb I would say F*Jk them but most times I convince them I am Thai or that acting like they are doing is bloody stupid. But as of the “paintings” ….. there are some very nice funny details in it. That would make it worth to visit it. Would love something like that on the wall of my house!

    Dual double pricing?

    1. 12.948008° 100.889551°
      Yes, They do except the Thai Driving Licences. At least the purple banded 5 year Licences get you in for Thai pricing.. I got in for 150 Baht.

  3. i have read the article in the BKK Post, and your comments, and photos of the paintings….but NOWHERE does it say where it is??!!

    1. There is this thing called Google….

      To save you the trouble, if you look at the comment before yours you will see a link to their website and a map.

      You’re welcome.

  4. Art in Paradise
    No. 78/34 Moo 9, Pattaya 2nd Road, Nong Prue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Tel. 038 -424-500

  5. There isn’t much diversity in Pattaya so i welcome this new form of art. Normally i would also avoid or not recommend a venue that charges more for Farangs, but in this case the place was so entertaining that it was worth every baht. It’s a business and a risky one at that so good luck to them and i hope that it turns a profit.

    1. It is indeed an impressive facility; but they need to work on their marketing. Their website is feeble; which is probably why the most visited post on Pattaya Days, every day in June, has been this one; arising from Google searches.

  6. วันเกิด อาร์ท อิน พาราไดรซ์ ปีที่2

    ขอขอบคุณทุกกำลังใจที่ติดตาม อาร์ท อิน พาราไดรซ์ มาโดยตลอด
    เราสัญญาว่าจะสร้างความสุข ความประทับใจ ให้กับทุกท่านตลอดไปครับ

    2nd Birthday of Art in Paradise;

    We are so appreciated with all the constant supporting from viewers who visited us and also would like to say ‘Big Thanks’ to all. We will not stop and promise to keep-on creating happiness and memorable moments to our visitors^_^

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