The road south out of Pattaya is already home to a number of attractions; including Nong Nuch Gardens, The Floating Market, Silverlake, and two imminent waterparks. This does interesting things to the traffic flow on weekends, and it is only going to become more hectic once Mimosa opens.

Mimosa – The City of Love, to give it its full title, is a twee Dutch/French/Italian/British architectural mash-up of the type beloved by Thais and tourists, who will throng here in their thousands to photograph each other and, hopefully for the owners, spend money in the various shops and restaurants.

The place had a soft opening on the 14th February, but construction is only about one third complete and it will be several months before you can enjoy your faux-European experience. I can only hope that the construction includes a more extensive car park than that currently available otherwise it is going to be chaos.

We had a brief wander round the completed bits this morning. I was prepared to sneer, but it is actually rather cute and I am sure it will be extremely popular once finished.

Mimosa is on the main road south out of Pattaya, close to and opposite the Jomtien Ambassador hotel. Parking is currently extremely limited.