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Mimosa – The City of Love

The road south out of Pattaya is already home to a number of attractions; including Nong Nuch Gardens, The Floating Market, Silverlake, and two imminent waterparks. This does interesting things to the traffic flow on weekends, and it is only going to become more hectic once Mimosa opens.

Mimosa – The City of Love, to give it its full title, is a twee Dutch/French/Italian/British architectural mash-up of the type beloved by Thais and tourists, who will throng here in their thousands to photograph each other and, hopefully for the owners, spend money in the various shops and restaurants.

The place had a soft opening on the 14th February, but construction is only about one third complete and it will be several months before you can enjoy your faux-European experience. I can only hope that the construction includes a more extensive car park than that currently available otherwise it is going to be chaos.

We had a brief wander round the completed bits this morning. I was prepared to sneer, but it is actually rather cute and I am sure it will be extremely popular once finished.

Mimosa is on the main road south out of Pattaya, close to and opposite the Jomtien Ambassador hotel. Parking is currently extremely limited.

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  1. Great, so we can pretend to live in Europe and have good weather!
    It looks like one of the entertainment-zoo’s I have seen in Hua Hin.
    As of the traffic chaos ….. bad luck too you all out there, as there is no planning whatsoever in LOS

  2. Plenty of similar places in the US, and probably in Japan and Korea. Looks worth a visit though if one is in the area, but not worth a trip from Bangkok.

  3. What they really need is a Swiss Style Chalet with a ´Love Room´. Sit in the whirlpool hottub bath with your loved one .. press a button and the entire thing rolls out onto the balcony with great views of the mountains … the mountains might be a bit difficult for the construction company but you get the idea.

  4. They kept that quiet. I drove past the Ambassador several times in January and noticed no advertising or signs. Mind you, I do, of neccessity, tend to keep my eyes more on the homicidal maniacs around me when I’m driving rather than take in the scenery.

  5. They have a website, here it is:

    I was wondering since I first heard about it, how do “Pattaya” and “City of love” fit together?

    Do you know of any public transport to get there and back? I am thinking of baht-bus for 10 Baht, however on the map it seems to be far south of their routes and would therefore require hiring someone (I loathe the haggling over the price).

    1. I believe the regular white baht buses, which ply Sukhumvbit Road, travel to, and possibly beyong, Sattahip. Just don’t expect a seat ! Ask a local when you hop on what the charge is.

    2. Interesting website, thanks. All headings are in English, and all content seems to be in Thai. The home page is crying out for workers, ‘of all kinds’ ‘urgent’. Hmmmm.

      Christian, it’s going to cost you more than 10B to get there; however the cheapest way would be to get yourself to Sukhumvit road and climb in one of the white Baht Busses (with a blue stripe down the side) heading south. Just got to know where to get off though!!

      1. On their website above, click on ‘Contact Us’ – you will see a location map, also, look at the 6th photo above, c/w swans and you will see The Ambassador hotel in the back ground – look for that on the way down and hop off the baht bus directly opposite it. My Mia Me pays Baht 20 to travel just beyond that, so expect to pay about Baht 40.

  6. It’s a fantastic transformation to what was just a block of crumbling, unused (ever!) shophouses, fair play to them.

  7. Visited in November 2013, spent an evening there. Wandered around the shops, watched the entertainment and had some food, all in all very good value for the 150 bhts entrance fee.
    Returned April 2014, entrance fee now 600 bhts……..not worth it!

  8. Hello, I would like to know the entrance fee to mimosa and if previous booking is necessary or we pay on the main gate . And what is the best way to reach from pattaya. Thanks

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