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The Pattaya Days Starter Guide to Photography

Version 2, September 2011

Many people buy a capable camera; and then stick it in automatic mode and just go shooting. Some of their images will be OK; but their photography could be so much better, and a load more fun, if they just learned some of the basic rules about how a camera works.

So I have produced a guide for those who want to learn these basics. What’s the difference between shutter and aperture? What’s ISO and why should you care? What are the best settings to capture a building or a bouncy child? How can I photograph fireworks? All this, and much more, is contained in the guide.

The guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

Once you have read the 70+ pages of this guide, you will have a clear understanding of how to get the best out of your camera. How much is this worth to you? If “bugger all” is your answer, then I am sorry for wasting your time. Otherwise a donation of around $5 would help recompense for the time and effort that I put in to creating it. Thank you.

Please leave any comments and suggestions for improvement via the Contact page.

“I found your guide very useful” – A monkey
(photo from

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